See and Follow Jesus (Mark 8:22-9:1)

Brian So, March 11, 2018
Part of the The Gospel According to Mark, Part 2 series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main Points:
1. Who is Jesus? The Son of man, the king of heaven, the Christ, who suffered, was rejected, died and rose again for us so that our sins can be forgiven; who gave us the Holy Spirit so we may have strength to live for him and to overcome sin.
2. What does he want from me today? Deny myself, take up my cross and follow Jesus.

Application Qs:
1. Do you see Jesus clearly? In your mind, what kind of God is he? A force? A guardian angel? How would you answer Jesus if he asked you today, "who do you say that I am?" Do you expect him to give you a comfortable life? Do you expect him to grant you success in your career and in your relationships and in your studies? Do you believe that he has come to save you from sin?
2. Jesus said, "I have come to be your king, the lord of your life. Your life is in my hands and in my plans and I want the best for you even though your life circumstances may say the opposite." Do you believe that? Are you willing to accept who Jesus is when it contradicts who we want him to be?
3. How does the gospel motivate you to sacrifice your comfort and time and finance to do what is right? Meditate on Jesus' sacrifice for you.
4. Are you afraid that other people find out you are a follower of Jesus? How does the gospel make you bold? Jesus is not ashamed to be called a friend of sinners. He is not ashamed to die for you. Why should you be ashamed to call him your Lord?
5. According to Jesus, there are 2 ways to live: live for yourself and live for Jesus. Gain the world but lose your life and you gain nothing. Take up your cross and you gain everything, the kingdom of God. How does the gospel impact how you make important life decisions: where to go to school, what kind of job shall I take, where shall I live, where to buy my first condo or house, where to send my kids to school, how shall I spend my vacation? How does the gospel empower you to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus?
6. In what ways can you live an attractive life so that people will ask you "are you in a program?"

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