Glory (Mark 9:1-13)

Brian So, March 18, 2018
Part of the The Gospel According to Mark, Part 2 series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main points:
1. Jesus is calling us to live for the glory of God’s Kingdom and not for the glory of this world; to seek the glory of God and not the glory of self.
2. The transfiguration of Jesus is a preview to the glory of the Kingdom of God. It points to Jesus’ glorious resurrection, which points to our resurrection when Jesus shall come again to bring on earth His Kingdom in all its glory.
3. When Jesus said, “carry your cross and follow me,” he is giving us the pattern of the Christian life: suffering now, glory later.
4. The power of the gospel: Jesus forsook his glory and became humiliated so that you and I shall one day share in his glory and we shall see our savior face to face. That’s why we follow him.

Application Qs:
1. Glory is what we live and die for. What glory are you seeking today? Does the glory of God’s kingdom excite you?
2. What are some ways we turn our desires for good things into out-of-order desires?
3. How do you make important decisions in life? (e.g. Who shall I date? What job shall I take? Where shall I live?) How does a longing for the glory of God’s kingdom affect your decision-making?
4. In what specific ways is Jesus calling you to live simply, to give sacrificially of your money, your time, your energy, your very self to people around you, to your local community and to your church?
5. When you serve other people, whether at home or work or church, do you seek your own reputation or the glory of God?
6. What does it mean for our church to not seek our own glory but the glory of God?

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